Professional Search

The need for great talent is not confined to only leadership positions.

Professionals at the middle to upper levels of management are crucial to driving success by bridging the company and its eco - system.

Professionals are as distinctive as the organizations they serve. Identifying and attracting this talent requires a rigorous approach to assessing their ability to be successful now and in the future, a thorough understanding of different industries and functional roles and unrivaled access to senior professionals.

New business models, data and digital led transformation and rapidly changing markets are redefining boundaries between industries. Our search consultants are devoted to helping organizations make sense of these changes and combine their recruitment expertise with extensive backgrounds in the areas in which they recruit.

Our expertise spans Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Technology and Communications, Industrial, Services, Pharma and Life Sciences.

Functional Practices

Traditional functional roles are evolving and new ones are emerging: Professionals, whatever their functional domain, are expected to act as strategic advisors and partners to the CEO and many times, to the Board. The consultants in our functional practices help our clients build strong leadership teams to navigate these new challenges, seize the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls that come with these dramatic developments.

We cover functional roles in Sales and Marketing, Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Manufacturing and Supply Chain management.

View from the Top

Each industry practice and functional expertise in our Professional Search practice is seamlessly integrated with our Executive Search practice, ensuring that we have a broad view of top talent within the market which in turn helps us create development strategies for succession and leadership, aligned with the interest of our clients as well as senior professionals.

Employer Branding

In today's world of talent wars, attracting candidates is as important as attracting customers. In this scenario, Recruiting increasingly resembles a Marketing function and hence Employer Branding is gaining more importance than ever.

The near future will see employers across industries focus on building attractive employer brands, and using channels like social media and video marketing to reach the workforce apart from the traditional methods.

Exceptional Candidate Experience

With everyone fighting to attract the best talent, organizations are now focusing on delivering an unparalleled experience to candidates. An exceptional candidate experience is brilliant marketing for an organization and a bad hiring experience may cause the right applicant to turn down your offer.

Top professionals have no desire to work in organizations whose leaders don't care about the recruiting process. Our insights help our clients create tangible and enduring impact on their future leaders.

Broader Talent Pool

Globally, talent management is getting a broader scope though even now, in many organizations, the focus is on the talent pool inside the organization. From "How can we engage and retain our talent?", the world is getting adjusted to the concept that the talent pool is broader. The trend now is connecting to talent outside the organization, and designing new talent development programs that are also beneficial for different groups.

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